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Marketing - Nurture Process - Follow-Up Boss

🤔 The Biggest Problem was 🤔

Too Many Moving Parts...

Not Enough Trainings...

Nurtures Not Good Enough...

Agents Didn't Follow-Up...

The Nurture Wasn't Handed Off Well...

Follow-Up Boss Is Too Confusing to Use...

The FUB App Doesn't Work Very Well...

Or Perhaps...

Bigfoot Stole My Leads...

Me trying to figure out the solution

And then...

The biggest problem was not being able to measure what mattered most... 

So, we started working on it, AND we are still working on it, but we are really happy with what we have built so far. We have been able to create a Dashboard that will help us easily check to see if we are meeting our goals for conversations and tracking our activities to work smarter. Our new KPI dashboard helps us track key metrics in each region. 

PressPlay FUB KPI Dashboard

So, What Are We Measuring? 

1. ROI - Best Lead Source v. Cost & Work Required

2. Speed to Action For Each Inquiry

3. Handoffs From BDC to Agents (no lead left behind)

(By The Way, We Are Really Excited About This Stuff)

Another Problem Was Confusion About Expectations...(not simple enough)

So, here we go.

The One Thing 

Time block 1 hour every work day and 1.5 hours a week for a pop-by 

Now, with that being said, what are the Rules of the Pipeline?

Other things you should know ...

  • What is a Nurture: A potential client that has spoken with someone on our team and expressed a motivation to buy/sell/invest in real estate in the next 12 months.
Everything is set in Stages now -- Check it out 👇

  • When a nurture is assigned it should have notes/call log detailing the following:
    1. Whether they are a buyer or seller;
    2. How soon they want to buy/sell;
    3. WHY they want to buy/sell;
    4. Best contact info; and 
    5. Follow-up task due to be completed w/in 24 hours of being assigned. 


That's All I Got...

Here are just a few more things to chew on...

Facebook Comment Best Practices.pdf

Priority 3 - Strategy 1.pdf

Priority 3 - Strategy 2.pdf

Priority 3 - Strategy 3.pdf

Priority 3 - Strategy 4.pdf

Priority 3 - Strategy 5.pdf

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