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Attorney Advantage: #1 Question To Ask When Buying A House

Chris Niederhauser, Esq.

What PressPlay Means to Me... I woke up this morning and walked out to the beach...

What PressPlay Means to Me... I woke up this morning and walked out to the beach...

Feb 22 4 minutes read

I have a unique perspective most real estate agents don’t have when it comes to answering the questions someone should ask when starting their home search and absolutely need to answer before signing a purchase contract. 

I'm a real estate attorney in addition to being a Realtor. That means I see many clients each month that have legal problems they are facing after closing on their new dream home.

The question: Who Am I Going To Hire To Represent Me When I Buy A House?

The majority of people that contact our real estate law firm seeking advice after buying a house, were not represented in the home buying process by an agent that works as a full-time agent. 

When I ask “why they did not use a buyer’s agent?” (a Realtor who specializes in working with homebuyers), the answer boils down to, “I didn’t think I needed a Realtor and I thought I could get a better deal doing it myself,” or "I thought all real estate agents were the same." 

Hindsight is 20/20, but the clarity that comes after purchasing a home should have come prior buying a house by simply asking the right questions before hand. 

The truth is, when considering buying your first home or your second home or even your third home (depending on how much time has passed since buying the last one), there are close to 100 questions that should be asked. Most people without experience may catch about half of those questions, but it is the other half they didn’t even know, that causes all of their grief after buying a house.

An experienced buyer agent will know what those questions are and will guide their clients through the home buying process with expertise. Further, their commission is customarily paid for by the seller marketing their house. That means, they represent your interests in a transaction without costing you anything additional at closing. Even better, they should assist you with making a more competitive offer once the right house is found that will save you money.

Don’t fall into the trap so many before you have. The first question you should ask when deciding to buy a house is: “Who Am I Going To Hire To Represent Me?”

Stay tuned and we will cover the right questions to ask when interviewing Realtors for the job.

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