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5 Reasons to List Your House For Sale During the Holidays

Chris Niederhauser, Esq.

What PressPlay Means to Me... I woke up this morning and walked out to the beach...

What PressPlay Means to Me... I woke up this morning and walked out to the beach...

Feb 22 4 minutes read

Despite what the "experts" say, the Holidays can be a great time to Sell your House. Below, are just a few of the reasons to consider selling your house, right now.

1. Low Supply.  Historically, during this time of year, we traditionally see fewer homes listed for sale and that means you'll have a better chance at catching the attention of a buyer with less competition in the market. We have many buyers we are working with at this time of year that become frustrated because of the lack of new homes to see each week. The truth is, your home will be seen by more buyers and likely have more showings as a result of being one of the only homes for sale in your neighborhood. 

2. Serious + Real Buyers.  If buyers are looking at this time of year they are serious, Period. Those who find themselves searching for a home this time of year generally have a reason they need to move, job change, lease expired, etc. The buyers we are working with have a high desire to find a home now.  There may be fewer buyers out there, but the ones who are looking are Ready, Willing and Motivated to make an offer. Waiting like a lot of others do may just place your home as another in a list of new homes on the market come January and February. 

3. More Time to Search.  Buyers have more time off and less demanding work schedules during the holidays so they have more opportunities to search and complete their move.  Granted, this could cut the other way with people being out of town...🤔, but buyers needing a home will stick around and will be more flexible with when they can see your home.


4. Sell High, Buy Low.  If you're taking advantage of the lower supply and serious demand of the buyers in the Winter market then you'll be primed to be "house-free" and ready to buy in the Spring market when more houses are listed for sale. More houses mean you'll have more options. As a result, you may be able to negotiate stronger because you're ready, willing and able to buy and other buyers may still need to sell if they avoided the Winter market.

5. Holiday Magic.  I am a sucker for Holiday decorations. I think homes look amazing when decorated all the decorations are put out. Buyers are emotional and if the decorations can make them better see themselves living in your house, they might be willing to pay a higher price or offer more favorable terms as a result.

So, that's it. Some of the best reasons to get your house on the market during the Holidays. It's been said, the best time to start a diet is six months ago and the second best time is now, or is that plant a tree...? Well, either way, the same goes for placing your home on the market. If you are thinking about getting ready to get your home up for sale at the beginning fo 2018, now is a great time to start. 

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